17:38:46 [Belne-Nazgrel]: 555 ele
17:39:30 [Vaedoran]: welcome ty for coming
17:39:30 [Dathcure]: hi and welcome
17:39:44 [Haleakala]: <SavedInstances> Reset all instances
17:39:44 [Haleakala]: <SavedInstances> Siege of Orgrimmar has been reset.
17:39:47 [Nynaève]: welcome
17:40:05 [Belne-Nazgrel]: second, 2x roll
17:40:35 [Haleakala]: glad you could join us belne
17:40:40 [Belne-Nazgrel]: ty sir
17:41:02 [Belne-Nazgrel]: just got [Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon] 10 seconds ago
17:41:06 [Belne-Nazgrel]: SO happy.
17:41:44 [Haleakala]: nice! We run mumble. Do you have it installed?
17:42:26 [Belne-Nazgrel]: i dont sadly
17:42:30 [Belne-Nazgrel]: but i do know all my fights
17:43:35 [Haleakala]: kk. we are 2 healing tonight, so watch your damage taken
17:43:45 [Belne-Nazgrel]: ok, do u want people on back platform
17:44:25 [Haleakala]: that is fine. make sure you run into range of the heals when you need topping off
17:44:32 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Got it, thanks.
17:51:14 [Haleakala]: Displaying Loots for: Unknown
17:51:14 [Haleakala]: 1: [Purified Bindings of Immerseus]
17:51:14 [Haleakala]: 2: [Immerseus' Crystalline Eye]
17:51:46 [Haleakala]: Haleakala won roll for [Purified Bindings of Immerseus] with 100
17:51:50 [Belne-Nazgrel]: HALE CAN I PLEASE HAVE
17:51:54 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I GOT A 540
17:52:09 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Can I please have guys!
17:52:13 [Belne-Nazgrel]: You have normals :)
17:52:49 [Haleakala]: don't have warforged. it's an upgrade for both rag and i.
17:52:54 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Omg.
17:52:56 [Belne-Nazgrel]: PLEASE.
17:53:00 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I have a crit trink I dont need.
17:53:02 [Dobber]: You have got to be kidding
17:53:06 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I will pay.
17:53:08 [Belne-Nazgrel]: <3333
17:53:11 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I literally only came for that one trinket.
17:53:37 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Please. I need it so bad. This crit one is killing my dps.
17:53:58 [Hurtner]: Id rather 9 man it than listen to that all night
17:54:55 [Haleakala]: dude, that isn't appropriate. we do a fair roll on all gear
17:55:12 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Please dude. I havea 543 trinket you both have it on normal.
17:55:15 [Haleakala]: if having the worst gear was the trump card for receiving drops, well geared guilds like ours would never invite outside undergeared folks.
17:55:20 [Belne-Nazgrel]: It is literally only a 1% increase for you guys.
17:55:22 [Haleakala]: everyone has an equal opportunity to win the roll.
17:55:24 [Belne-Nazgrel]: It's 9% for me.
17:55:59 [Haleakala]: [Purified Bindings of Immerseus] awarded to Haleakala
17:56:04 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Are you kidding me?
17:56:15 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I will give you an Exodar Life-Staff for it.
17:56:20 [Belne-Nazgrel]: It sells for 18k in the AH.
17:56:30 [Haleakala]: Vaedoran won off-spec roll for [Immerseus' Crystalline Eye] with 97
17:56:45 [Haleakala]: [Immerseus' Crystalline Eye] awarded to Belne-Nazgrel
17:57:38 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I will give the druid the neck.
17:57:44 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Can I PLEASE have the trinket.
17:58:56 [Haleakala]: I don't think this is gonna work out.
17:59:12 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Sir. I will give you an 18k staff, I am giving your tank his necklace.
17:59:18 [Belne-Nazgrel]: That is how bad I want this trinket.
17:59:23 [Vaedoran]: keep it
17:59:28 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I dont need it.
17:59:32 [Belne-Nazgrel]: I dont run enhanc.
17:59:35 [Belne-Nazgrel]: like ever.
17:59:40 [Haleakala]: then why did you roll on it?
17:59:55 [Belne-Nazgrel]: Your guild is a fucking joke.
18:00:09 [Belne-Nazgrel]: gl progressing you fucking faggot.